Good Days On The River!

Still enjoying his picture-perfect weather.  Nice crisp mornings with temperatures during the day in the upper 70s, light (most of the time) wind, and mostly sunny skies.  Looks like more of the same for a couple more days, then chances for rain creep in on Wednesday.  By next weekend, we’re back to the 70s and sunshine again.

No major change in the generation pattern.  Off almost all day then on for one to three hours in the afternoon.  Sometimes that kick water in the afternoon can get the fish happier for a while.

Doug with 1st on fly rod - 9/29/16

Doug with 1st on fly rod – 9/29/16

Last Sunday, James Albert took Isaac and Doug from Mississippi out for the morning.  This was Doug’s first time with a fly rod.  Good day for these guys on a size 18 or 20 tan scud under a size 14 sow bug.

Isaac - 9/29/16

Isaac – 9/29/16

Isaac brought in a nice 18 inch rainbow.

Jeff with 1st fish on fly rod - 9/26/16

Jeff with 1st fish on fly rod – 9/26/16

Jeff and his brother Dan from Illinois fished with Stan on Monday.  They wanted to learn a little more about fly fishing, where, how and what to fish.  ots of fish on the copper dun & P&P midges, including a nice 17 incher caught by Dan.

Gina took Bill out on Tuesday.  His wife, Anne rode went along for the ride and to enjoy the river.  They got a little kick water and the fish went happy, happy.

Bill - 9/27/16

Bill – 9/27/16

Really good day for Bill on the copper dun midge.  Carolyn had Carl and his friend Brian out for half a day.  Carl’s first time fly fishing was in August with Carolyn, and this was Brian’s first time with a fly rod.  Good, fun day for these

Brian - 9/27/16

Brian – 9/27/16

guys on the copper dun, P&P and Ruby 2 midges.  A bit tough start, but we finally found some fish.


Virginia 9/29/16

Thursday was Happy Birthday to Virginia.  She spent half a day on the water with Gina.  What a wonderful birthday.  This beautiful 17-1/2 inch rainbow just had to top off the day for her! Stan had Bob from Kansas out all day Thursday.  Bob had fished with us before and he came back!  Good day for Bob on the Ruby 2 and P&P midges.  Carolyn  started the first day of the two-

Bob - 9/29/16

Bob – 9/29/16

day fly fishing school with Phillip and his wife Laura.  This was to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.  Looking for something neat to do together.  Classroom work in the morning, then casting pond in the afternoon.

Laura & Phillip - 9/30/16

Laura & Phillip – 9/30/16

Friday it was to the river for Laura and Phillip.  They rigged up their gear (no guide help here) and caught fish nymph-style on the P&P, copper dun and Ruby 2 midges.  We went through the dry fly presentation and a little on emerger presentation.  The finale of catching for the day was stripping the crackleback on a sinking leader.  I think they have found something neat to do together.  Happy Anniversary guys and many, many more!



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