Feast or Famine!

Beautiful weather!  Crisp mornings in the 40s with highs during the day of mid 70s.  Looks like more of the same for the next few days.  Chances of rain for Wednesday but still nice temperatures.

No significant change in generation pattern.  Off during the morning, then something on in the afternoon for a few hours during the week.  Over the weekend, it has just been a unit late in the afternoon for an hour.

Fishing continues to be slow, but every once in a while we have a good day in there.  Just the difference in the dissolved oxygen levels or where we find the fish.

A week ago this past Saturday….yes, I know I’m behind again!….Stan and Carolyn took a group from Kansas out for half a day.  Stan had Bob and his grandson Seth.  Carolyn had Bill and his father-in-law, Corky.  Great half day for these guys on the P&P, copper dun and olive midge

Next day, Sunday, not quite as good, but a really good day for right now,  Stan had John and Dawn out for half a day.  It was the olive or P&P midges.

Tom and his brother John fished with Carolyn on Monday.  They worked hard and caught several fish, mainly as we got further downstream, on the P&P and olive midges.

Eve - 10/4/16

Eve – 10/4/16

Eve spent two days with Carolyn last year about this time and she came back for more on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The first day was pretty good, but the second day they turned the water on early and everything trashed up.  Fun couple of days on the P&P, copper dun and ruby 2 midges.  Jim had Jim and Steve from Clinton on the water all day.  Pretty good day on a micro scud dropped under the P&P midge.

Stan out Wednesday with Noel from here in Branson.  This was his first time with a fly rod.  Tough day for them, but he did land a few on the copper dun  and P&P midges.  Roger and Teddy from Florida spent the morning with Jim.  Jim’s feelings were “very slow”, and it was.  Caught a few on a gray scud, the baby ruby and P&P midge.

Thursday, Joshua from Oklahoma fished half a day with Gina.  Josh is fairly new to the sport,

Joshua - 10/6/16

Joshua – 10/6/16

so Gina spent some time working with him on casting and other necessary skills.  He had a fun day and caught fish on the UQ streamer and ruby 2 midge.  Cheryl and Jamie, who are best friends, have fished with River Run a few times over the past years but not together.  It was time for both of them to get on the river together and they spent half a day with Carolyn.  Not a lot

Cheryl - 10/6/16

Cheryl – 10/6/16

of fish, but a fun day on the P&P and copper dun midges.   Cheryl pulled in her best fish yet; a nice 17 inch rainbow.  John and Jamie spent half a day with Jim.  Slow day for them but they had fun and worked on skills.  Stan had Ken from Colorado out all day.  They caught most of their fish on the P&P midge.

Friday, the guys had a group of orthodontist out for half a day.  Jim had Joe and Hardy.  Dana was with Mark and Al.  And, Stan had Monte and Tom.  Everyone caught fish.  Jim was on the ruby and blood worm dropper.  Dana fished the ruby 2, white grub and an orange egg pattern.  Stan was fishing the copper dun and P&P midges.

Dave and Chris from Kansas spent half a day with Dana Saturday.  A size 22 P&P, the orange egg pattern and the ruby 2 were their patterns for the day.  Nothing very large, but they did bring in some fish.

So, we have had some pretty good days, especially for this time of the year when the DO is low, and some pretty tough days.  Have to remember….it’s fishing…..not catching!








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