Picture Perfect Holiday Weekend Weather!

Can’t get much better as far as this weekend’s weather forecast.  Temperatures in the upper 80s through Sunday, and low 90s for Monday.  By Tuesday, however, chances for rain pop up again….but through Labor Day looks great!

Low generation in the mornings continues with a bump up to usually the equivalent of three units by noon or 1:00 p.m.  Anxious to see if there will be any change for the long weekend.  Could we wish for no generation one or two of the days?

Stan had Andy from New Jersey on the water this past Thursday and Friday.  Tough two days.  They had a few hits and caught a few fish but it was work!  One of those “no best fly” days.

Sunday, Jim took Anita and Mike out for the morning.  They had a pretty good day stripping the JQ and Tiger Tail streamers or drifting a P&P with a scud dropper.  Stan had Randy out and they fished the red midge and a couple different soft hackles.

Ken wanted to prepare for red fish trip he is taking later this month, so he and Stan hit the water Tuesday and worked on the strip set, casting by the clock and accuracy.  Fun day and they caught fish on the big ruby with the red tunghead midge…in between practicing.

Wednesday Jim was out with Gina yesterday.  Tough morning, but when the water came on, they found a nice seam and started stripping lots of stuff…..tiger tail, filoplume, soft hackle.  Fun day.

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