Lots of No Generation Days!

Beautiful day today.  Low 80s for a high, no rain and the sun is coming out.  A little overcast most of this morning.  Rain chances look pretty low until next Saturday and we know how much stock to put in that at this time.  Temperatures mostly in the upper 80s to low 90s.

No generation the past five day in the morning.  Maybe a unit or two on late in the day for 1 to 3 hours.  Today, however, we have a low 1 unit running most of the day.  It is scheduled to be off again tomorrow until about noon or 1:00 then 2-3 units will come on for a while.  Who would think they would run on Sunday???

Lots of trips out the past week so I am trying to get caught up.  Stan on the water last Monday with a couple from Switzerland.  Juan and Dena

Dena - 9/12/16

Dena – 9/12/16

work in Geneva Switzerland.  Juan is on the police force there so he and Stan had a lot to talk about.  Dena is a security officer at the airport.  This was Dena’s first fly fishing experience.  She did very well and really liked it.

Juan - 9/12/16

Juan – 9/12/16

What a way to get started as she landed a beautiful 18-1/2″ brown on a copper dun midge.

Tuesday, Stan took James and Betty our for half a day.  The water was off and fishing was very slow.  They did bring in a few fish on the copper dun.

Merle and Mike from Iowa, spent Wednesday morning on the water with Stan.  Definitely fished better than the day before.  It was still a copper dun day.  Wednesday Jim was out with Gina and they fished the copper dun as well as the P&P and a blood worm.  Slow morning start but things eventually picked up as they went further down stream.

Thursday, Carolyn had Dan and Roxanne on the water.  They both took the two-day fly fishing school in March.  Got rained out on the

Roxanne - 9/15/16

Roxanne – 9/15/16

fishing day so they came back in July to finish up.  We had to deal with 2-3 units going then, but they caught fish and worked on technique.  Glad they came back as it was a good day for them.  They  both caught fish and Dan caught a nice 21″ rainbow.  It was a copper

Dan & 21" Rainbow - 9/15/16

Dan & 21″ Rainbow – 9/15/16

dun and ruby 2 day.  Colby and Cory from Kansas were on the water with Jim.  They were experiencing soft takes making hook up hard.  Caught a few fish on the copper dun with a blood worm dropper.

Friday, Dan from Arizona fished with Jim.  They had a fun day, but really could not come up with a best pattern.  Stan took Glen and Alan out for what was to have been a full day which they turned into a half day when the generators came on…..early!  Pretty good day on the copper dun midge.  Carolyn had Bob and Edward out for most of the day.  We picked a few fish early on the copper dun and ruby 2 midges but decided to stay with it when the water came on.  Stripping the holographic green crackleback trailing the Tiger Tail was the ticket.  Pretty good action for a while until the water was too high and the fishing went south.  Picked a few more drifting in on the hot hare’s ear.

Saturday, Edward and Bob fished with Stan.  They had a pretty good

Scheryl - 9/17/16

Scheryl – 9/17/16

day on the copper dun and ruby 2 midges.  Scheryl and Matt were fishing with Carolyn.  Even though Matt felt he was picked on by us two gals, we let him catch a nice 19-1/2″ rainbow.

Matt - 9/17/16

Matt – 9/17/16

Matt caught most of his fish on the ruby 2 and Scheryl caught most of her fish on the copper dun.

Overall, fishing is pretty darn good.  Over the past few weeks, we have had to look for the fish.  They have not been where we expected to find them.  Not a lot of fish hanging in their normal haunts.  But, with moving around, we can find them here and there and pull off some good and definitely fun days.  It is that time of the year when the dissolved oxygen (DO) level is dropping and the fish are thinking about spawning.  Thus, the numbers of fish caught on a given day are definitely less than in the Spring when the (DO) is very good making for happy fish.  With this in mind, let’s remember to take some additional time to make certain the fish are well oxygenated when we release them.

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