Beautiful Weekend!

We had some rain come through Friday night, but by Saturday morning it was gone.  What a beautiful day followed by another one today.  Today we expect the low 80s, then upper 80s for tomorrow; low 90s Tuesday and back to upper 80s Wednesday.  Chances for rain on Thursday after which the temperatures will see low 80s or upper 70s.  Nice!

We have actually see no generation the past four days!!!  Thursday and Friday they kept the water off until noon or 1:00 p.m.  Both Saturday and today the water is off almost all day.  Yesterday they ran one unit for an hour at 2:00 p.m. and today it will be off except for an hour later this afternoon.

Jim out last Wednesday when they still had a low one unit running in the morning.  He took Cam and Diana from Utah out for half a day.  Pretty good day for these guys on the gray scud, size 14 P&P and stripping the Tiger Tail.  Wednesday Jim spent the morning on the water with Gina.  After a little slow start in the early part of the day, they started picking up fish on the copper dun and ruby 2.  Interesting day as they caught most of their fish in places they rarely fish or catch fish.  Guess the fish are trying to keep us on our toes!

No generation Saturday and Stan had Corey and Scott out all day.  A little slow first thing, but then they started catching on the copper dun midge and finished up stripping the holographic green crackleback.

McKenzie & Justin - 9/10/16

McKenzie & Justin – 9/10/16

Carolyn had a couple from Oklahoma on the water.  This was their five year anniversary.  What a great way to celebrate….standing in the water fly fishing together!  Congratulations!  And, they had a very good day on the water.

McKenzie - 9/10/16

McKenzie – 9/10/16

McKenzie has been fly fishing once or twice, but has not been in the water.  This was her first experience with wade fishing.  She definitely managed to avoid the tripping rocks, got comfortable with the process and caught a good number of rainbows on the copper dun midge and eventually moved on to stripping the holographic green crackleback trailing the Tiger Tail.  I think we even caught a couple on the Tiger Tail.  Of course, Justin was having a good day too on the copper dun midge and stripping the Tiger Tail.  I think Justin

Justin - 9/10/16

Justin – 9/10/16

even caught a few on the Ruby 2 midge.

Spoke with several fishers yesterday and it sounds like it was a good day to be on the water.  Up near the Hatchery one fishers was catching on the shammy worm, or the miracle scud.  Another fisher further down above the boat ramp was catching on the rusty midge.  Today, the crackleback was not working as well below the boat ramp but the copper dun was still a hot fly.


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