These Fish Look Great!

Beautiful day today.  Sunshine and only 62 degrees right now.  Forecast is low 80s.  That looks like the forecast for the early part of next week.  By Wednesday it will be upper 80s, then back to the mid 80s into the weekend and early next week.  Chances for rain almost every day although some days it’s only 20% and the most is 60%.  We have stayed dry even on those 80% forecast days as the rain has gone around us.  This past Thursday there was little chance of a downpour we fished in!  That’s weather.  It might rain… might not rain!

Still seeing the generation pattern of low in the morning then ramping up to three or four units.  Over the weekend, we have had a steady low one unit (using two units) all day both days.

Sam's 1st on fly rod - 8/15/16

Sam’s 1st on fly rod – 8/15/16

New fly fishers Carl and his son Sam, on the river with Carolyn last Monday.  They both do a lot of fishing, but had never picked up a fly rod.  I think they are going to change that.  And, both of them are naturals.  They picked up casting quickly.  We were able to throw some sinking leaders and strip the holographic green crackleback.  Caught several fish that way.  Our other pattern of the day was the

Carl - 8/15/16

Carl – 8/15/16

ruby 2 under an roe egg pattern.  Dad managed to finesse in a nice 18 inch bow.

Wednesday, Stan took Winston and Phil out for half a day.  These guys from North Carolina were pleased with our fishery.  They had a good day on the ruby 2 and copper dun under the big ruby.  Wanted to go out another day but it just did not fit into their schedule.  Gina had Wednesday Jim on the water and he had a nice set of

Jim - 8/17/16

Jim and rainbow – 8/17/16

bookends….an 18 inch rainbow and an 18 inch brown.  Happy guy.  It was the ruby 2 under an egg pattern and a black soft hackle.

Jim and brown - 8/17/16

Jim and brown – 8/17/16

Dan and John from Texas fished with Stan on Thursday.  Good day for these two guys on the ruby 2/big ruby combo.  Carolyn had Mike, from Texas on the river.  We caught fish mainly on the ruby 2 under the roe egg pattern.

Friday, Carolyn started out the morning with Mike again.  Somewhere along the way, they picked up a hitchhiker, Malcolm

Mike - 8/8/16

Mike – 8/8/16

from the St. Louis area.  Tough fishing, but they caught fish on the ruby 2/big ruby and the holographic green crackleback.  With these two in the boat, it was a hilarious day!  Stan had Todd from Kansas out for half a day.  Very slow fishing but he brought in a 17-1/2″ rainbow among his catch on the ruby 2 or P&P under the big ruby.

The fish are looking and have been looking great!  They are so healthy and fat, it is hard to get your hands around them.  Their color is beautiful and lots of fight.  Everyone is commenting on how feisty and beautiful they are.




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