Nice, Overcast Day!

Enjoying these slightly cooler days.  Upper 80s with a few low 90s forecast for the coming week into next weekend.  Of course, we have chances for showers scattered throughout this period.  Most of the time they have gone around us…..but all it take is one.

Generation flow continues with the equivalent of one unit (using two) in the morning, then ramping up to usually the equivalent of three.  We understand most of the powers is coming through Table Rock as they cannot release much, if any from Bull Shoals as the level in Newport it too high.  Complicated system to say the least.

Jim on the water this past Sunday with Mike and Tracy.  Fairly new fly fishers, so he worked with them on all the techniques and even let them catch some fish on the Miracle Scud and the P&P midge.  Stan had Mac and his friend Bob out for half a day.  They had a good day on the Ruby 2 and the P&P midges.

Richard from Oklahoma, called and said he had to just get on the water, so Stan took him out Monday afternoon.  With the generators coming on at noon, we knew it would be a tough afternoon, but he caught fish got his fix!  Ruby 2 was the pattern.

Jim - 8/25/16

Jim – 8/25/16

Gina out with Wednesday Jim.  first fish to the boat was an 18 inch rainbow.  Ruby 2 under an egg pattern.  Carolyn had Chad and his father, Roy out for the morning.  Chad worked in the Branson area for a few years and discovered fly fishing on Taneycomo in 2007.  He was hooked and continues to fish in his home state of Tennessee.  It was a nice father/son day and we all

Chad & Roy - 8/24/16

Chad & Roy – 8/24/16

had fun.  It was also Roy’s day to out fish his Chad.  Guess Chad usually takes the lead.  One of Roy’s first fish to the boat was a nice 18 inch rainbow.  Yep!  Ruby 2 under an egg pattern.  Most of our fish this trip were caught in the lower part of the upper area.

Roy - 8/24/16

Roy – 8/24/16


Thursday, Jim took Billy from Arkansas out for half a day.  His wife Julia went along for the rode and to enjoy the out doors and river.  Fortunately it was a nice day.  Fishing was tough.  Billy is pretty new to fly fishing so Jim worked with him on skills.  They did catch a few fish on the Miracle scud and the P&P midge.

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