Low Water and 7X

Forecast is for some more rain tonight.  Monday has chances for rain in the a.m. and temperatures in the mid 70s.  Slight chances for rain again Monday evening and again on Tuesday.  Temperatures in the mid 80s.  Wednesday looks great…no rain, but Thursday we see chances for rain popping back into the picture.  We will see.  We have had rain forecast for the past several days and nothing really heavy has materialized.

Generation crazy.  Off every morning last week.  Over the weekend, they ran the equivalent of one unit all weekend.  We are supposed to see that again Monday.  Just watch.  They will probably turn them off again this week.  Go figure!

Scott and his son, Chandler were on the river with Stan Wednesday.  That day it was 7X and the copper dun.  No generation and it was a very hot day.  Takes were soft so there were a lot more misses than hook ups.

Patti - 8/12/16

Patti – 8/12/16

The group from Texas that tripped with us on Tuesday went out again Friday.  This time, Patti and her son, Doug were with Stan.  Dana had Angel and Sam.  Another tough day, but Patti finally hooked her first fish on a fly rod plus several more including this nice 17-1/2 inch rainbow.  I think Tom has a fishing buddy.  It was another 7X and ruby 2 day.

Stan had Scott and his nephew, Tyler on the water Saturday.  Good day for these

Tyler - 8/13/16

Tyler – 8/13/16

guys on the P&P and ruby 2 dropped under the big ruby.  The equivalent of one unit was running almost all day and it fished well.   Carolyn had one of the students out of the last River Run Fly Fishing Clinic on the water.  This was Rebekah’s

Rebekah - 8/13/16

Rebekah – 8/13/16

birthday present from her husband.  What a great birthday.  She caught several nice birthday fish including this beautiful 18 inch rainbow.  Happy birthday Rebekah!

Billy from Illinois fished with Gina on Sunday.  Looked like they might

Billy - 8/14/16

Billy – 8/14/16

get rained out, but the fish Gods were kind to them and held off.  Another tough day but they certainly managed to have fun and catch fish.  Ruby 2, black copper midge and some small soft hackles!


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