Good Days On The Water & More New Fly Fishers!

Hot!  Under a heat advisory again today.  Tomorrow will be cooler, but it looks like we might have some rain.   At a matter of face, chances for rain are in the forecast for the next five days.  Good news is the temperatures will be in the upper 80s or low 90s.

The generation pattern has not changed.  The equivalent of a low one unit in the morning.  Both Saturday and Sunday, they will keep it at this level until 2:00 or 3:00 p.m……we’ll see.  And then they will run two units for two hours on Saturday and three hours on Sunday.  Then back to the one for the balance of each day.  Monday they will turn on two units at noon for six hours then back down.

Maitland - 8/3/16

Maitland – 8/3/16

Stan was out with a nice fisher from Georgia on Wednesday, Maitland.  Maitland needed a good day on the water and they certainly accomplished this.   Most of Maitland’s fish were caught on the ruby 2 under the big ruby, but he also had the opportunity to throw a size 20 black soft hackle at some fish taking emergers.  What fun.  Doug, from Texas, recently took the Orvis 101 clinic and was not ready to try his hand at catching a fish.  He spent the morning on the river with Gina and had a wonderful time.

Doug - 8/3/16

Doug – 8/3/16

He too had the opportunity to throw a black soft hackle.  Otherwise, it was the black copperhead midge.  Next time, Doug’s wife, Angie gets to go!

Mike, from Kansas, spent Thursday morning on the river with Carolyn.  Wonderful day for him as his first fish to the net was a beautiful 19″ rainbow.  All the fish of any size were beautiful!

Michael - 8/4/16

Michael – 8/4/16

Everything was on either the ruby 2 under the big ruby or the lightning bug.

Stan had a couple of new fly fishers out today.  Bob and his son Easton,  Good start for these two as they had fairly low water this morning.  Quite a few fish to the boat on the ruby ruby and ruby 2 dropper.  Dana’s couple, Michelle and Kevin from Texas were also catching on the ruby 2 dropper.  Good day for them.

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