Finally! Two Mornings With No Generation!

Temperatures in the mid 90s through Friday with chances for rain each day.  Right now, Saturday has the best chance for rain with temperatures in the low 80s.  Sunday and Monday, more chances for rain with temperatures in the upper 70s.  (That would feel nice for a change.)  Tuesday looks nice…low 80 and very slight chances.  So with Wednesday into next weekend.

Finally!  The past two days, Tuesday and today, Wednesday, we have had no generation until noon.  Then they started up with two units for one hours and four units an hour later.  Unfortunately, generation all day this past weekend.  We are certainly hoping this no generation in the morning continues!

Scheryl - 8/6/16

Scheryl – 8/6/16

Happy birthday Scheryl!  What a great birthday surprise her husband, Matt, gave her for her birthday.  A fishing trip.  Scheryl and Matt, from Lee’s Summit spent this past Saturday on the water with Carolyn.  Rained most of the morning so we were all

Scheryl - 8/6/16

Scheryl – 8/6/16

soaked to the bone….even with rain gear.  Scheryl’s birthday presents were a couple of nice rainbows she caught on the ruby 2 midge.

Noel - 8/6/16

Noel – 8/6/16

Stan had Noel and his friend Richard out for half a day.  They both had a good day on the ruby 2 midge.  Fishing was actually pretty darn good in the rain and what a pleasant day after all the hot weather we have been having.

Richard - 8/6/16

Richard – 8/6/16

Sunday, Dana had Dan and his twelve years old son, Tate out for the morning.  This was another day of rain, but it really got bad just before noon.  Not to worry, they

Dan - 8/7/16

Dan – 8/7/16

did land some fish before the rain out on the ruby 2 under the big ruby.

Tate-s Fish 8/7/16

Tate-s Fish 8/7/16

Stan had Lance and his wife Diana out in the rain.  This was Dana’s first experience fishing!  What a trouper.  She stayed with it and caught her first fish ever plus more.  Yes, they were fishing the

Diana - 8/7/16

Diana – 8/7/16

ruby 2 under the big ruby.  We even think she likes it!

Monday, Stan took Rob from California out for half a day.  Pretty good downpour for most of the morning.  They had a good day and caught some quality fish on the ruby 2.  Gina and Carolyn had Dina, Kim and Kim’s nephew, Ben on the water.  Ben spent the morning with Carolyn and Gina took Dina and Kim.  Tough day!  Due to the heavy rain, we opted to wait it out.  Probably should

Ben - 8/8/16

Ben – 8/8/16

have gone out as we hit the water around 10:30 and it was no time before we noticed the water was already increasing.  By 1:00 p.m. it was really running and between the garbage in the water and the heavy water, the fishing was poor.  We did manage to catch a few fish on an egg pattern and the big

Dina - 8/8/16

Dina – 8/8/16


This group went out gain on Friday and this time Ben was with Dana and the ladies fished again with Gina.  Another tough day, but everyone did manage to catch a few fish.  Friday it was the Ruby 2, P&P, copper dun and black copperhead midge.  Best part, everyone had a good time.  Stan and Carolyn had a group from Texas on the water.  Stan took Mark and Bryan.  Carolyn had Tom and his wife, Patti.  Everyone is pretty new to the sport.  Tom has been a couple time and fell in love with the sport.  He is trying to get everyone he knows, especially all his family members interested in fly fishing.  We all managed to hook and or bring in some fish on the copper dun, a black WD40, red San Juan worm and the P&P.




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