Nice Cool Down!

A little cooler temperatures the past few days.  Some isolated rain mixed in with the cooler temperatures, but that’s okay!  Seems to be the trend through this coming weekend into next week.  As long as there is no thunder and lightening, I can certainly fish in the rain.

No change in generation pattern.  Low generation in the a.m. then ramping up some time after 11:00 a.m., usually noon or after.

The water is so much clearer than it was a month or so ago so when they turn on some more water, fishing doesn’t go totally south until they hit four units.

Jim on the water Sunday with Ken from Tennessee.  Ken had a good day on the P&P with a blood worm dropper and stripping the JQ streamer.

Yesterday, Stan took Mike and his son, Aaron out for half a day.  Good day for these guys on the copper dun midge under the big ruby.  They had a full day scheduled, but, as I said, when that fourth unit comes

Kayla & Christopher - 7/26/16

Kayla & Christopher – 7/26/16

on, fishing goes south.  So they wound up with a half day trip and a good lunch!   Carolyn had a fairly new fisher, Christopher and his girlfriend Kayla, who is totally new to fishing, out for half a day.  Fun day with these two.   After going though the basics of casting, mending, etc., we hit the water with a Ruby 2 on Kayla and a copperhead black midge on Christopher.  First hook up was a double.  You can well imagine, Kayla did not let Christopher forget that her fish was larger than his.

Christopher - 7/26/17

Christopher – 7/26/17

Fortunately for Christopher, he caught one a little larger later in the trip.  Last part of the float, water had increased and we switched out to the lightning bug dropper and continued catching on the drift out.  Fun day.  Keep it up Kayla!

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