Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Listen to the weather on TV this a.m. and they are talking about how the how much we are behind in rainfall this year!  I’m not complaining….yet.  Looks like we are in the mid to upper 90s for the next ten days.  Some chances for rain scattered throughout that time period, but nothing very major.

Generators off for a while in the a.m. this past Friday and through the weekend.  Looks like our normal pattern so far this week.  One unit in the morning then two to three units running from early afternoon into early evening.  With the heat we are experiencing, I cannot image a change in this pattern unless it is to run more in the mornings than they currently are running.

Let’s get caught up.  Gina on the water last Tuesday and Wednesday  with Paula from here in Missouri.  They fished the black copperhead midge, ruby 2 and tiger tail.

Paula - 6/15/16

Paula – 6/15/16

They had a fun and good couple days on the water.  Caught several nice fish.   Mike and Mark from Texas spent Wednesday morning on the river with Stan.  Good day for these guys on the black copperhead midge and the white grub.  Bite was slow for the first hour on the water, but it finally took off and made their day.   so

Friday, Jim had Chris and Donna from Texas on the water half a day.  These new fly fishers had a good day on the copperhead black midge and a blood worm dropper.

Jim and Stan had a group on the water Saturday.  Pete and his friend Dan from Romania fished with Stan.  Jim had Mac and his son, J.P.   This was Dan’s first time with a fly rod, but he and Pete brought several fish to the boat on the P&P or black copperhead midges.  Jim was working with Mac’s son and Mac was catching on the P&P with the blood worm dropper.  Fun day for everyone.  Carolyn had a group

1st time with fly rod, 1st time holding fish!

1st time with fly rod, 1st time holding fish!

of students in the water Saturday.  Glad to say everyone caught more than one fish.  Nymph style fishing it was on the copper dun midge and streamer style fishing, it was on the holographic green crackleback using the 2.6 ips sinking leader.  Tough getting everyone to concentrate on knots and bugs back in the classroom that afternoon!

Sunday Stan took Jeff from Oklahoma out for the morning.  Fish kept running away from their flies so he went to 7X (ugh!)  Made a difference.  They started catching fish on the P&P.  Carolyn had Kathy and her grandson, Ryan on the water.  Slow bite so us and we finally changed to 7X.  Big difference, especially after we moved back to a spot where we earlier had seen fish, but no takes.  Lost two nice fish (thank you 7X) there and landed several others.  They actually had a double on the P&P.

Really tough day Monday for Jim and Stan.  Jim had Derek from Illinois out.  They caught a few fish, but really no good fly.  Stan took Dan from Mt. Vernon out for the morning.  Grumble, grumble….water up, then down, then up, then back down.  They caught a few fish on the P&P under the big ruby.  The fish do not like the water level extremes any more than we do.


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