Several New Fly Fishers!

Beautiful, sunny, and not too hot day today.  Slight chance of rain this afternoon.  Much better chances for rain tomorrow and Friday.  Slight chances for rain over the weekend with temperatures in the upper 80s to lower 90s.  Next week looks like a return of the upper 90s by mid week.  Ugh!

So far over the past weekend and this week, we have seen off generators in the a.m.. and then on as early as 1:00 or as late as 3:00 p.m.  But when they turn them on, it has been two units followed by two more within two hours.  Lots of water!

We had new fly fishers on the water each day last Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  What fun!  Thursday, Carolyn took Jane out for the morning.  Her husband Vince came along to watch.  By the time we finished the morning, Jane was looking good and feeling much more

Jane - 6/23/16

Jane – 6/23/16

confident with casting and line work.  Plus, she caught some fish on the ruby 2 and the copper dun midges.  It was a beautiful day on the water.

Friday, Josh was celebrating one of his significant birthdays.  His present was a guide trip!  His wife, Amanda rode along and we all had an overcast, wet day on the water.  Fortunately, the fish don’t mind a little more water!  Josh is a new fly fisher and wanted to work on skills and expand his knowledge of various ways to rig up as well as other presentation methods.  After a little work on casting, we started out nymph-style fishing and caught several fish on the ruby 2.  We then moved on to stripping the tiger tail and hooked

Josh - 6/24/16

Josh – 6/24/16

some fish on this.  His best fish of the morning was a nice 17 inch rainbow.  He managed to finesse this fish in on 7X!  Stan had John and Garland from Oklahoma out in the rain, and they were catching on the white grub.

Stan took a couple more new fly fishers out on Saturday, Caleb and Sandy from California.  This always looked like

Sandy - 6/25/16

Sandy – 6/25/16

something they wanted to try and they did.  Fun day for them, mainly on the rusty midge.


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