Hot! Better Get Into The River!

Let’s hope the water is off so we can get into the water and fish!  Looks like upper 90s the next three to four days.  Chances of showers Friday, but that’s it for a few days.

They had the water off today after 9:00 p.m.  Back on around 2:30.  Scheduled to be off again tomorrow.

Fishing has been good.  Stan was on the water yesterday with Bob from Washington state.  He has a very good day on the black

Gina - 6/13/16

Gina – 6/13/16

copperhead size 18 midge.  Nice 17-1/2″ rainbow.  Carolyn had Gina and Bob from Florida out for the morning.  Gina’s first fish was a nice 17″ plus male rainbow.  What a say to start out.  They had a good, fun day catching on the black copper head midge and then stripping the holographic green crackleback trailing behind the tiger tail.  Gina had not fished this way before and her first cast hooked up with a nice rainbow.  Unfortyunately, this was the only one she brought in this way.  Bob

Bill - 6/13/16

Bill – 6/13/16

was hooking and bringing in several, but it faded out after a little while, so we went back to the black copper head midge and everyone started catching again.

Today, Darrell took Terry from here in Missouri out for half a day.  Terry has fished with us since 2002.  He had a

Terry's fish - 6/14/16

Terry’s fish – 6/14/16

good day on the black size 18 copperhead midge.  Jim had Dan and his daughter, Adee out for half a day teaching them the art of fly fishing.  Adee is going to be a natural says Jim.  She is throwing a very nice line.  They caught several fish on various things, but no best fly today for them.


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