Great Weather and Free Fishing Weekend!

Great weather we are having.  No rain.   Sunny skies and temperatures in the 80-90s.  Slight chance for isolated showers during the afternoon Sunday and very slight chances Monday morning.  Tuesday looks like the best chances for rain at this time.

Still running some level of water 24/7.  Yesterday it bounced around from 2400 cfs to as much as 3700 cfs then they cranked it up around noon to three units at more than 8000 cfs and levels in the 708 plus range.  Today is projected to be more of the same but the increase coming a little later in the day.  With this weekend being “free fishing” weekend, let’s hope they keep the level low or OFF!

Had several trips scheduled for this past Saturday.  With the pouring down rain we had Saturday morning, a couple of them scheduled to a

Rich - 6/5/16

Rich – 6/5/16

later date and a couple moved to Sunday.  Stan took Rich from Kansas out for the day.  Rich had blast.  He is a new fly fisher and fell in love.  Red worm under the big ruby were the patterns for him.  Carolyn had Brad and his father-in-law, Mick.  They also were from Kansas.  Good, fun day for these two guys.  Brad is fairly new with a couple years under his belt, and Mick grew up in Colorado fly fishing with his father out there.

Mick - 060516

Mick – 060516

However, he had not been fishing for some time and this was a great experience for him.  Their best patterns were the big ruby with a size 16 red d-ribbed midge dropper.  We also stripped the tiger tail and either the green holographic crackleback dropper or filoplume dropper.   We actually caught several browns that day.

Bill - 6/7/16

Bill – 6/7/16

Tuesday, Bill spent the morning on the river with Carolyn.  Good day for Bill on the big ruby with a red San Juan worm dropper and stripping the tiger tail with a filoplume trailer.

Gina had Wednesday Jim out on Wednesday.  Jim had a good day, but then Jim always has a good day when he is on the water, on the ruby 2 midge and stripping the holographic green crackleback and a shad trailer.  Fun day working the high bank.


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