Fun Days On The River!

Had some rain early this morning and they are forecasting chances for rain this evening.  Looks like we have chances again tomorrow (30-45%), but sunshine by Sunday.  Best part, the sunshine forecast is the projection for more of next week.

After Monday last week, we have had some level of generation every day.  Projection for today was a lot one unit until 1:00 and then the equivalent of three units for six hours; then down to a high one and back to the low one.  No clue what the weekend will bring.

Brenda - 6/1/16

Brenda – 6/1/16

Stan on the water Wednesday with Charlie and his wife, Brenda.  Good day for them on the red San Juan

Charlie - 6/1/16

Charlie – 6/1/16

worm under the big ruby midge.  Gina had Wednesday Jim for

Jim - 060116

Jim – 060116

the day.  They fished the chartreuse egg, black size 12 midge and stripped the tiger tail.   Darrell and Carolyn had a family from Texas on the water for half days on Wednesday and Thursday.  They all attended the Orvis school at Dogwood Canyon and wanted to hone their skills on the water.  Carolyn took

Jack - 6/2/16

Jack – 6/2/16

Chad and their son, Jack.  Darrell had Stacie and their daughter, Shelby.  Great family and lots of fun.  Jack was a catching machine stripping the holographic green crackleback behind a tiger tail the first day we were out.  Actually, everyone did well with this technique.  Good days for everyone and they each

Chad - 6/1/2016

Chad – 6/1/2016

caught some nice size fish.  Stan was on the water Thursday with Jeff and his wife, Hilary.  They had a good day on the red San Juan worm with a black copperhead midge dropper.

Stacie & Shelby - 6/2/16

Stacie & Shelby – 6/2/16

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