It’s Been A Little Tough1

Great three days we have had this week.  However, it looks like we might get some rain, especially tomorrow….even severe.  Tuesday looks nice with slight chances for rain and temperatures in the upper 80s.  Wednesday shows increased for rain again with temperatures remaining in the 80s.  Thursday and Friday look dry and warm.  By the weekend and into early next week, 50/50 chances for rain again.

Non-stop generation for the past four days.  It has been fairly low during that time period with only one or two units running and when they have had two units going, it has always been less than a full two.  The projection for tomorrow is more of the same; less than a full unit all day until 2:00 p.m. when they will ramp up to two units for 3-4 hours.

With this low flow we have been having, we knew it was make for a great drift speed and probably some good fishing.  However, it has been tough.  Stan was on the water Friday with Chuck from the Sikeston area.  Half a day and they worked hard for their fish.  The best pattern was the white grub.

Saturday, Stan took Larry and Jackie from Virginia out for half a day.  Another tough day but they did catch fish….again on the white grub.  Jim’s guy, Henry, from Michigan spent the day on the water with the tiger tail, shad pattern and white grub.  Not a bang up days, but they brought several fish to the boat and had a good time.

Connie - 5/8/16

Connie – 5/8/16

Sunday was another day.   Carolyn took Connie and David, from Oklahoma out for half a day.  First 45 minutes to hour was totally nothing.  I’m drifting areas I haven’t drifted for a long while.  Tried several patterns with nothing.  What’s the brightest thing in the box?  Chartreuse egg pattern!  Yes, our water is still off colored.

David - 5/8/16

David – 5/8/16

Put one on David’s line and I think it was his first cast and we finally brought a fish to the boat.  After a minor disaster was taken care of (lost the anchor) Connie got a chartreuse egg and the catch was on.  Several of the fish were so fat we had a hard time getting our hands around them.  Good day on the water.  But as we were saying earlier in the day when nothing was happening, any days on the water is a good day….catching fish or not!

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