Although rain was forecast for this weekend, we had very little rain.  There was a light show for a short time on Friday.  Chances for rain show up again next Tuesday and Wednesday, but if the forecast is as good as what we just had….or didn’t have…who knows!    Beautiful, sunny day today.

A couple of units ran all day Friday.  Saturday we saw no generation until 4:00 p.m. when they fired up one unit.  Once that was over, it was back to zero generating until today around noon.  They were not supposed to run anything today until 5:00 p.m.  Anyway, they only ran for 3-4 hours and it is now off again.  We should see no generation until late in the day tomorrow and again on Tuesday.  We will see…..

Stan on the water Friday with Rick from St. Louis and his six year old grandson, Olver.  This was Oliver’s first experience fly fishing.  Not a lot of fish, but grandpa and grandson had a fun time.

Chad & Aaron - 5/29/16

Chad & Aaron – 5/29/16

Saturday, Stan took Aaron and his friend Chad out for 1/2 a day.  This was Chad’s first time with a fly rod and Aaron had fished with us a year or so ago.   The bite was on pretty good early in the day, then died out.  They moved down river a little ways and it was back to catching.  Good day for the guys, especially on the copperhead black zebra with a ruby 2 dropper.   I also know that the tiger tail with the holographic green crackleback trailer using a 3 ips sinking leader was working very well.  Even caught fish on the big ugly dry.  Fish came up and nailed it!


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