Still Seeing Lots of Wading Time

Temperatures in the 70s and 80sthrough next weekend.  Rain has been threatening all day but seems to be moving into late tonight or early tomorrow morning.  Thursday looks dry, but rain rears its head again Friday and Saturday.  Slight chances from Sunday through Friday.

Water off most of the day.  Yesterday and again today, they started it up around 1:00 and ramped up some more an hour later.  Tomorrow’s projection is for no generation until 4:00 p.m. or so.

Mike from Kansas out on the water again with Stan last Friday.  Great day for Mike on a shad pattern and the holographic green crackleback.  He really had fun with the crackleback.

Saturday, Jim had Alex our for half a day.  He had a really good day too.  Gina and Carolyn were off contaminating a great group of ladies with the art of fly fishing.  MAKO Fly Fishing Club out of Joplin organized women’s clinic that was held at the Walter Woods Conservation Area just west of Joplin.  Nice meeting facilities and a POND with fish in it!  We are about to see several more ladies throwing nice lines on the river.

Rick and Bill spent most of Monday on the river with Stan.  Very good day for these guys even though they messed with the water all day.  One unit on for a while then off, then on again, etc. etc.  Jim had Randy and Doug from Oklahoma out on the up and down water.  They did well mainly on the Tiger Tail.

Jim 042616

Jim – 4/26/16

Backy 2 042616

Becky’s 1st on fly rod – 4/26/16

Gina out today with Jim, aka Wednesday Jim.  Only did half a day today as the water was coming on at 2:00 and it really has been trashing up when they first start up the water.   It was the black copperhead zebra midge or tan filoplume.  George and Becky spent the morning on the water with Carolyn.  George is pretty new to fly fishing and Becky is brand new.  We went through the normal routine of roll cast, then pick up and lay down cast, and some line management.  It seemed to be starting out a little slow in the early part of the morning, but things definitely picked up later in the morning.  We caught fish on soft hackles and a tan filoplume.  George’s almost last fish of the day was a nice 19″ plus rainbow

George - 4/26/16

George – 4/26/16


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