Lots of New Fly Fishers!

A little rainy yesterday, and it looks like we might get a little more tonight.  Tomorrow looks nice with lots of sunshine.  Monday through Friday might have a little cooler temperatures then we have been having, but still in the upper 60s.  Just slight chances for moisture.

Glad to say that we continue to see lots of no generation time during the day.  Today the projection is zero all day.  Tomorrow they might fire up less than a full unit around 9:00 p.m. for one hour.  Monday afternoon will see a few hours of generation, but the morning looks like zero.

Jim took John and Jaimi out for a full day of instructional fishing on Wednesday.  They had a fun day of learning and catching on the tiger tail and a filoplume.  Lynn and Bret, also from Oklahoma (John and Jaimi are from OK) spent a good part of the day on the water learning

Lynn - 4/27/16

Lynn – 4/27/16

with Carolyn.  We almost had to drag Lynn off the water!  Good, fun day for these two on the lightning bug, black copperhead midge, ruby 2 midge, tiger tail and filoplume.

Bret - 4/27/16

Bret – 4/27/16

We tried to work on everything!

Thursday, Jim took Johnathan out for a full day of learning.  He had just finished the Orvis school at Dogwood Canyon and wanted to reinforce everything with a day on the water.  Still working on his hook set, but he had a lot better grasp of presentation techniques  after the day on the water fly fishing.  It was a tiger tail and filoplume day for him.

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