Heading For Montana

Looks like the weather will continue to be pretty nice.  Low 70s tomorrow with upper 60s Friday and Saturday.  No rain.  By Sunday and Monday we are looking at pretty good chances for rain and temperatures in the 70s.  After that, next week looks nice…upper 60s and sunshine.  Friday is sunny and mid 70s but rain is showing up again for the weekend.  Oh well…that’s a ways away.

We continue to see two to three units most every day for at least part of the day.  Today they ran two units all day and they are supposed to run three units for a while tomorrow morning then cut it back to one unit for several hours.

It’s been a busy guide week.  Stan on the water Monday with Marv & Rich.  Despite the 3 units and high wind, they managed to pull some fish on a big ruby or various shad patterns.

Jim 040516

Jim – 4/5/16

Yesterday we have four boats on the water.  Gina had her Wednesday Jim out on Tuesday?!  Think he decided the weather every Wednesday was always terrible so he’d try a different day.  They had a good day on the water despite the on with three units, drop to one unit, they back up to three again AND the wind!  They fished the mega worm, chartreuse egg, pink/cerise San Juan worm and a tan filoplume.   Stan took Larry, from Iowa, out for half a day.  Larry fished with Stan a couple years ago and was ready to try it again.  Good day for them on shad patterns.  Darrell had Kent and his friend John out in the wind.  They too had a good day; pretty much the same patterns, big ruby and shads.  What a day to try teach new fly fishers!  Carolyn had Brett and his son, Leighton, from Georga on the water.  They really wanted to learn as much as catch.  We worked on casting into the wind…..of course, roll casting,

Leighton - 4/5/16

Leighton – 4/5/16

and definitely hooked and played a few fish.  Both did very well despite the conditions.  I do think we have a couple new fly fishers in the works.  They just won’t know how to act on a calm day.  What a fun day!

Gina and I are heading for Missoula, Montana to attend the Orvis Guide Rendezvous.  We will be fishing one of the many river out there on Friday, and hopefully again on Sunday.  Time for us to let someone row us around in a drift boat!   Back to the real world Monday.




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