Great Weekend Ahead!

Forecast is for great weather this weekend.   Upper 70s Saturday and 80s for Sunday.  Looks like the rain may stay away until Tuesday late, but Wednesday is still showing possibility of showers..  However, temperatures will be in the 80s all next week.

Pattern so far is a couple units on in the early a.m. for 2-3 hours then off until late in the day.  Back on for a few hours and off the remainder of the night.

Robert - 4/20/16

Robert – 4/20/16

Wednesday, Stan took Robert, from Kansas City out for half a day.  Robert’s father and brother were fishing with another guide and he decided he wanted to go fishing too!  Very good day for Robert which included an 18 inch plus rainbow.

Jim and Stan took a group of guys from Iowa out for half a day.  Stan had Mike and Tom.  They had a super day on the white grub and shad patterns.  Jim’s guys are new to fly fishing, so after a bit of instruction, they had a great day on the tiger tail and shad patterns.

Malcolm - 4/21/16

Malcolm – 4/21/16

Darrell had one of his long time regulars, Malcolm, on the water all day.  Fantastic day for Malcolm as you can see from his nice 24″ rainbow.

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