Gina on the Missouri - 4/8/16

Gina on the Missouri – 4/8/16

Yes, our trip to Montana was Great!  We had a great day on the Missouri River.  Lots of nice fish, great weather and lots of fun!

The Orvis Rendezvous was excellent.  Well attended and very good programs and speakers.

Carolyn on the Missouri - 4/8/16

Carolyn on the Missouri – 4/8/16


We certainly have been having some great weather here.  Today is a bit overcast, but temperatures will be in the low 70s.  Saturday and Sunday will see 70s and sun peeking out on Sunday.  Next week temperatures will remain in the 70s to 80s by mid week.  Chances of showers Tuesday and Wednesday.

Lower generation has been the rule for the past couple days.  Since Sunday, we have seen no or one unit for most of the day, especially after 10:00 a.m.  We are definitely at power pool on Table Rock.

Dana, Darrell and Stan took the Texas gang out the past Sunday.  Good day for all the guys.  Dana had Lou and Rich.  It was a shad pattern, white grub and white jig for them.  Darrell’s guys. Richard and Larry, mainly caught on a shad.  Stan had Dan and Tom.  This was Tom’s first experience in a drift boat and they had a pretty good flow going that day.

Tuesday, Jim’s regulars, Marge and Price, spent the morning on the water with him.  Very good day for these two stripping the tiger tail.  I think this was one of our no generation days!  Stan had Marie and Jim, from Florida out for the day.  Really good day for them too on a green Copper John, shad, and ruby 2.

Jan - 4/13/16

Jan – 4/13/16

Mike and Jan, from Oklahoma, fished with Carolyn on Tuesday.  These two have fish with me for over 10 years now.  Both are very good fishers and just love to catch fish, so we did just that.  Right out of the chute Jane caught a nice on their first day.  More certainly were to follow.  Wednesday, we continued to catch nice fish and they doubled up at least twice.

Jan & Mike - 4/14/16

Jan & Mike – 4/14/16




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