Weather is great.  Temperatures in the 70s today and Friday.  80s and sunshine are forecast for the weekend!  Next week looks like 80s but chances for showers start sneaking in with better chances starting Wednesday into the following weekend.

Generation continues to be off during most of the day.  With rain in the forecast for next week, this might change.

Awesome!  Fishing with the generators off has just been awesome.  Stan out last Saturday with Matt and his son, Matt.  This was young Matt’s first with a fly rod and he had a great time and caught a good number of fish.  Word was he out fished his Dad.

Sunday, Jim took Paul and Ryan out for a half day instructional trip.  They caught fish on the JQ and tiger tail streamers.  Jim, from Illinois spent half a day on the water with Stan.  Started out good on catching, but at 10:00 a.m., they turned on a generator and the water really turned to dirt!  That along with the high winds, finished off the day.

Terry - 4/19/16

Terry – 4/19/16

Terry from Oklahoma decided he wanted to learn how to fly fish.  So, Tuesday, he spent the morning in the water with Carolyn.   We worked on the roll cast, basic cast and a little on shooting line  Terry’s efforts paid off as he started catching fish with his first cast.  Really good day for Terry  Ruby II, holographic green crackleback, and the tiger tail were his flies for the morning.  I think he’s “hooked”.  “Going home and practice!”




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