What A Day!

Lots of rain in the area over night.  Storms woke me up several times.  But, it turned out to be a beautiful day.  Temperatures in the low 70s, sunny and a light breeze.  Looks like nice days pretty much through the weekend into most of next week.  Slight chance for showers showing up next Saturday.  But, that’s more than a week away.  Temperatures are mid 60 up mid 70s.

Today’s generation actual was a surprise.  Guess it should not have been since we got lots of rain over night.  The schedule called for no generation until early this morning, then one unit for an hour, then three for an hour, back to one unit for three hours then off!  NOT!  Instead of turning it off, then kept it as three units all day.  5:00 p.m. and we still have three units going.  I know the projection for all day tomorrow is two units.  We are just a tad above power pool (915.18) so maybe they will get it back to power pool and shut it down for us again.

We actually had a few hours of wadeable water each day this week except today.  Stan and I had two couples we have fish before out Tuesday.  When we got on the water, they were doing their morning one,

Dawn - 3/29/16

Dawn – 3/29/16

two, then three units before shutting it down for the morning and part of the afternoon.  I hit one of my favorite high water spots with the big ruby and a shad pattern dropper and Dawn and Bill started catching fish.   We picked a couple nice fish right off, 17-18″.  After catching several fish in here I started noticing that we were hanging up on the bottom a little more.   Water was dropping out real fast.  Better get out of here.  Not soon enough as we actually had to drag the boat over a little hump to get back out onto the main part of the river.  Stan and his couple, Coop and Claire, were hugging the bank on the opposite site of the river.  We went over and joined them and managed to get a little drift downstream but the wind was blowing so hard upstream, you would row three feet and get blown back five feet!.  I actually had my anchor down several times and the wind just blew us upstream or to the opposite bank.

Finally made it down to the Lookout Island where we tried to hide from the wind and have lunch.  Big decision, go on down stream or go back to the put in upstream.  Good decision, go back upstream!  After fishing around Lookout Island for a little while, we picked up our anchors and blew upstream almost trolling our flies, AND, catching fish all the way back up!  Guess there is a first time for everything.  Other than the wind, it was a great day catching.  Lots of fish and definitely some nice fish mixed in with the “dinks”.



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