Reality Check

Reality had to set in on this wonderful weather we have been having.  However looks like it won’t last long.  Today through Thursday, temperatures are predicted to be in the upper 40s…..more normal.  Some chance for rain, but that sounds like a long shot.  The worse thing I am seeing in the weather forecasts is the wind.  20-30 mph tomorrow and 15-25 mph on Thursday.  Throw a line in that!

Generation was bumped up today to a low two units.  They are using three units to run the equivalent of two.  Beaver is running both their generators, and I imagine Table Rock will keep pace with this input to keep us at or below power pool.

Orin - 2/21/16

Orin – 2/21/16

A couple more good days on the water.  Sunday, Stan took Dennis and his son Orin out for the afternoon.  Looked line rain Sunday morning so they thought an afternoon trip would be drier.  Good move.  Maybe a few sprinkles in the a.m. but it was definitely warmer and the sun even came out for the afternoon.  Orin had a new fly rod that he needed to christen.  Mission accomplished.  Among the several fish he landed, was a nice 18-1/2″ rainbow.  All in all, a very good day.

Monday, David, from Oklahoma had a late

David - 2/22/16

David – 2/22/16

morning trip with Stan.  Good day for them on the cerise or white San Juan worms.  A little cool in the morning, but it warmed up pretty good.


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