Great Valentine’s Day!

Other than Valentine’s Day, the weather has been great.  It is difficult to believe that this is early February!  The forecast for Tuesday is low 50s.  Wednesday will be in the low 60s and Thursday through Saturday will be near or in the 70s!  Sunday should be in the 60s and next week looks like mid to upper 50s.  As a matter of fact, the rest of February looke like nothing less than 50s and 60s for the highs the rest of the month!

So far, the generation schedule the past 3-4 days has been less than a full generator for most of the day.  Usually in the morning around 7:00, they fire up a low two units then three, then back to two for three hours while they are dumping Beaver.  Once that is done, back to the less than one unit.  Over the weekend, it was 30 mw  Today it was all over the board… unit, a low two units, then back to a full one.  Tuesday is projected to be the normal ramp up around 7:00 a.m for three hours then down to not quite a full unit the balance of the day.  We will see….

Great Valentine’s Day.  Ed and Susan from here in Missouri decided to take the two-day fly fishing school.  First day was not too bad temperature wise.  We did the morning classroom session on learning about gear, bugs, knots, reading water, stream etiquette, etc.; then went to the water and worked casting.  Sunday it

Ed with his 1st on fly rod - 2/14/16

Ed with his 1st on fly rod – 2/14/16

was to the water for application. Must say, it was definitely the coldest day of the week.  It took us a while to get everything tied together!  Fortunately, within eight minutes from where we put in the boat, both hooked up with their first fish.  This certainly was an aid in warming up the day and an indication of the way the day would go.  What a great start for two new fly fishers.  Hope they don’t think every day on the water will be like this.   Great couple and both did very well with the rods.

Susan - 2/14/16

Susan – 2/14/16

They shared the glory as they had at least three doubles (both hooked and had fish at the same time).  Best pattern was the cerise San Juan worm.  Overall, fishing has been good.  The water is still off-colored, but that does not seem to hurt the fishing.  Talked to some of our customer from Louisiana who fished all day Saturday and they had a great day on egg patterns and the San Juan worm.



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