Get In The River And Enjoy!

I’m shop-bound right now with the sun shining and the temperature is 63 degrees at 11:30!!!  Something wrong with this picture.  The only negative we are expecting today will be the wind.  Looks like the high will hit 70 today and continue in the 70 through the weekend.  And next week’s forecast shows mid 50 all week.  We are now into March with these temperatures.  The only negative, and it’s not that bad, is that next a week from this Sunday currently shows a 50% chance for showers.  Could use SOME rain but, hopefully, not the gully washers we experienced this past year.

They are still running the equivalent of one unit most of the day.  Some days they have increase the flow in the morning from 7:00 a.m. through 10:00 a.m. to as much as three units while they are running Beaver.  When Beaver is shut down, Table Rock goes back to one unit.  This was not been the case the past two days.  They have just run the equivalent of one unit all day.  However be aware this could happen.

Stan on the river Monday with David from Oklahoma.  Bad wind gusts over 40 mph.  Certainly tough casting and even more difficult getting a good drift.  However, they did catch fish and nice quality fish on the cerise San Juan worm.

Jim 2/17/16

Jim 2/17/16

Wednesday Jim spent yesterday, and what a gorgeous day it was, on the river with Carolyn.   It did not take long to see that not only was the day going to be great, but so was fishing.  First four casts resulted in fish.  Lots of nice, fat (16-18 inches) fish on either the cerise San Juan worm, or the white grub.  We did catch a few on a JQ streamer but nothing like the worm or grub.

Gary was on the water Tuesday pulling the JQ streamer with a red soft hackle trailer and caught a bunch of fish in a couple hours.  We both agreed that fishing the past couple days has seemed like the good old days.  The fish are there and definitely eating.


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