Did We Steal A Couple Great Days!?

80 degrees in February?  It feels like we stole a couple beautiful days.  Got up the Friday morning and the temperature was in the 60s….same thing today.  I think yesterday was a little cooler, but we managed to hit the 80s yesterday afternoon.  Upper 60s today; low 60s tomorrow and then a cool down into the mid to upper 40s for a few days then back into the 50s.  Right now it looks like 60 by next weekend!  Biggest chance for rain looks like Tuesday and Wednesday this coming week.

Pretty steady generation pattern the past four days.  Today is projected to be more of the same.  Somewhere around 2400 t0 3000 cfs which puts the tail water in the 704.2 to 705 foot range.  However, be aware, they can always bump it a little more than that so make certain you know how deep the water is when you walk out and keep and eye on some reference point to know that the levels has not changed.  Monday is projected to continue this trend, but they are showing a little more release from Beaver.  This could have an affect on our water release here.  We will just have to see what they do tomorrow.

With this great weather, everyone is having a major case of “cabin fever”.  Allen spent most of Thursday afternoon on the water with Jim working on streamer fishing.  They has a very good day stripping the JQ and the bug eye streamers, but probably did best on the white bead nymph.  Allen is definitely better prepared for streamer work.

Friday, Dave from Oklahoma, fish with Jim Great day on the black JQ, tiger tail and white bead nymph.  For the streamers, the tiger tail did best, but again, the white bead nymph was best.

Kristi - 2/20/16

Kristi – 2/20/16

Glad to see Rick and Kristi back again.  They too could not believe the weather for this weekend so they called hopping they could sneak in a float trip.  Great day for then with Stan.  Cerise or white bead San Juan worms were their best patterns.




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