60s Next Week!

Should not complain about the weather.  So far (knock on wood) we have had a very mild winter.  We are going to get a little weather this coming weekend.  Low 40s Saturday and a chance, 70%, of moisture Sunday with temperatures in the mid 30s.  Right now, the moisture is snow showers in the a.m. transitioning to light rain.  But on Monday, after some early morning showers, it will hit the mid 50s and keep on going during the week.  We COULD even see 70 by Friday.  I’ll take it!

Low flows for the most part on Taneycomo this week.  They are still working at dumping Beaver, so in each morning and late afternoon, they open up Beaver and increase the flow on Taney for two to three hours.  Then back to our low flow.  Today we are supposed to see 30 mw which will mean flows in the 2000 to 2500 cfs range and levels probably in the low 704 foot range.

Quite a few fishers in and out this week.  Hearing good days to slow days.  Noting in particular, but white still seems to be a player.  Gina on the water yesterday

Jim - 2/10/16

Jim – 2/10/16

with Wednesday Jim.  Not a barn burner day, but good quality fish and what a great day!  They both enjoyed the day and fishing.  Their patterns were an egg, the red tunghead midge and the big ruby.

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