Good Fly Tying Session

Looks like a little cool down for a few days  They predicted mid 30s today but guess what…it is low 40s and the sun is shinning.  Sun through Monday and temperatures in the mid to upper 30s..  Tuesday through Thursday next week all have slight chances of some type of moisture.  Then it looks like we are heading back into the 50s for the following week.

At the rate they are running water, we should see 920 feet on Table Rock by Tuesday.  If so, they will probably shut down the flood gates.  At least that it what we understand the plan to be.  But of course, things change.  Good news that the dissolved oxygen level is 10 mg/l or better and the water has really started clearing up.  I think the Hatchery folks said the water temperature was around 52 degrees.

Very good fly tying group this morning.  We tied the classic Hare’s Ear nymph and Pheasant Tail nymph.  Good patterns for various techniques.  Everyone is ready to go fish them!  Next week we will be having a session on blue gill flies.  Already have several signed up so give us a call ASAP if you are interested in sitting in.

Have talked to several fishers from the outlet areas and they say some of the fish they are catching are almost as wide as they are long.  Getting a lot of food with all this water running.


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