Fun Tying Session!

Probably going to hit 50s today and the sun is shinning!  Still a slight chance for moisture tomorrow, but temperatures should hit the mid 50s.  40s Tuesday and Wednesday, they back to the 50s Thursday and a great weekend.  60s and sunshine!  No more moisture until next week.

They still have five gates open plus the generators.  Good new is that we are making progress toward the power pool level of 915 feet.  This a.m. it was 917.4.

Everyone had a really fun time at this weekend’s fly tying session.  Gina, Valley and Louisa (all of whom love to bluegill fish) gave everyone a session not only on tying some really neat, effective bluegill flies, but they also gave them lots of tips on how and where to catch those fun fish.  I think everyone was ready to his the water.

Valley - 1/23/16

                                                      Valley – 1/23/16

After the clinic, Gina felt sorry for them so she loaded them into her boat and they took to the water.  Only had a couple hours to spend, but it was good couple hours.  Even though the water is still a bit off colored and, of course, fast, they caught fish!  Valley was hitting them well with her multi-colored egg patterns.  She even felt sorry for Louisa and gave her one.  Great way to finish up the day for these fishing ladies.

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