Cross Your Fingers!

The forecast for next weekend looks great!  We’re looking at temperatures in the 60s Friday through Monday.  Next Tuesday it currently looks like moisture, but in he form of rain and not too much….let’s hope.  We do not need any more water!

Table Rock is still doing a great job of dropping.  With what is currently flowing, we are dropping about 1/2 inch each day.  This morning it was 916.8′ so we only have 1.8′ left and we are at power pool.  After that, unless there are major power needs some where, we might see some no-generation time.  I’m not sure I’ll know how to act!  The only fly in this ointment is the level of Beaver.  Not certain what the plans are for that water right now.

Got into my car this morning and drug out all my gear.  What a mess!  Hard to believe that it will soon be time to hit the water….somewhere.  Let’s hope it’s here.  Clean up my reels, wipe down my rods and clean  out the gunk gathered at each snake guide, check and wax the ferrules.  Most of all, check my lines.  Pull off most or all of the line and check for cracks.  Any cracks, and I’ll replace the line.  Otherwise, wash the line in a non-grease cutting dish soap.  Ivory is a good choice.  Rinse well and if it doesn’t seen to have the slick feel, dress it out with a good line dressing.  Forgot to mention.  While I that tub of dish soap, I’ll  wipe off the cork handle of my fly rods.  It’s amazing how that cleans it up.  The rods almost brand new!   Now for the fly boxes.  This is going to take a while.  So, you better get started!

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