Can’t Get Much Better…Well Maybe

Great weather!  70s yesterday and probably close to that again today.  And, we’re looking at 60s tomorrow and Tuesday.  Might see some rain Tuesday, but it’s supposed to clear up in the afternoon.  40s Wednesday (sight chance for flurries on Wednesday) and Thursday, and another nice weekend coming up.  The weekend looks like it might be pretty nice.  Not as nice as this one, but still warmer than normal.

Yes, we are still seeing generation.  They have pretty much stuck with three units running the equivalent of two.  Tailwater is 915.31 at 10:00 a.m. today and the Taneycomo level has been around 706.5 to 707.4.  so, five to six feel over no generation wading levels.

As I said, what great weather.  Had boats on the water the past two days and it was wonderful.  Warm, sunny days and the fish were hitting.  Both Jim and Stan out Friday.  Jim took Tom from the Kansas City area out for the day.  Good day for them on the ruby midge, pink egg or white grub.  Stan and his guys, Gary and Gary, mainly caught on the cerise San Juan worm and a multi-colored egg pattern.

Yesterday Jim had Tom again and they caught fish on a black bug-eyed bugger, black wooly bugger and the pink egg.  Stan had Doc and Terry from Oklahoma out.  It was the cerise San Juan worm or multi-colored egg.  Everyone was happy to get a good day on the water in great weather this time of the year.









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