Beautiful Day…..Fat Fish!

Great weather for January!  Looks like we have more into the weekend.  Today through Sunday look like 60s and no moisture!  However, we are seeing moisture in some form rearing it’s ugly head by Monday.  Some forecasters are saying early Monday and other are saying late Monday…TBD  Anyway, better get out and do something to enjoy this little oasis of great weather!

Still running three units at or a little over the equivalent of two units.  The projection is the same pattern for today.  The power pool level of Table Rick this morning at 8:00 a.m. was 915.92.  Great to see 915 back into the picture.  We could see some lower or no generation days soon.

Jim - 1/27/16

Jim – 1/27/16

How about this fat fish!  Wednesday Jim was out with Gina yesterday.  They had a wonderful day.  Weather was great and the fish were biting.   What else could one want.  It wasn’t fast and furious, but consistent enough to keep them busy.  They tried various things, including stripping a few patterns, but the fish were taking the fat cerise heavy San Juan Worm, clown egg pattern and finally the red tungsten midge.  The water is still very dingy so the brighter patterns seemed to work best.












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