Sunny and 60s Again!

Guess we should be happy that we rain we received was rain and not snow.  With the warm temperatures, we lucked out again.  Even with the rain, it was not a bad day.  Yesterday was probably the worst as there were 30mph or better winds at times.  Today is sunny and temperatures in the 60s.  We will see 50s tomorrow, then upper 40s for Thursday and Friday.  Into the mid 50s Saturday then low to mid 60s through Wednesday.  Christmas day is right now looking like upper 50s!

We were getting very close to power pool when we got this latest batch of rain.  So far, it had put about a 1/2 foot of water back into Table Rock which is now sitting at 915.7 feet.

Had to get a fix so I went fishing Saturday afternoon for a few hours.  A good two units running when I put in the boat.  It was a short day, but I had several fish to the boat and missed several while trying to do a balancing act with oars and a fly rod.  Good reports from folks coming into the shop.  One of our regulars did very well with the JQ streamers, even in he high water, a couple days ago.  Three fishers from the St. Louis area braved the cold, windy day yesterday and had good success at the outlets.  Things are looking up!





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