One Week Until Christmas!

One week until Christmas and we are still seeing 50s and even low 60s in the forecast.  Yesterday and today are probably a couple of the cooler days we have had so far and it will be in the 40s today!  I am still seeing low 60s in the forecast for next week right into Christmas day.  At this time, I am seeing a chance for showers on Monday and next Saturday  And, December is almost over,.

Still running water 24/7.  Today we have had a few hours of the equivalent of only one unit, but they will also be running a low three for a several hours.  We are less than a foot above power pool, but Beaver is 5 feet up and Bull Shoals is 3 feet up.

Jim - 12/16/15

Jim – 12/16/15

Wednesday Jim had a good day on the water with Gina.  They had four squirrely units running that day.  Up then down, then back up again.  Plus it was a pretty windy day!  Could not get a good drift, so they stripped an olive sculpin or the JQ streamer for most of their fish.   Nice, pretty, healthy fish!






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