70 Degrees In December!

Can’t believe this weather.  We were sitting outside yesterday without all the heavy coats, etc. you normally are wearing in December eating lunch.  Talked with some friends in San Diego where it was slightly cooler than here.  Forecast is for another nice day today and again tomorrow.  But, there’s always that “but”, rain is moving in tomorrow afternoon or evening and continuing into Sunday.  Should be out by Monday but the temperatures will cool down.  The cool down is still not December weather….not until maybe Thursday when it looks like upper 40s.  I can handle that.

No let up in the generation yet.  We are getting near power pool.  This morning we were at 915.6 feet.  Pool is 915.  We’ll probably get in pool in time for the rain on Sunday.

Jim and Gina out Wednesday.  Jim had a short half day with Dick.  They did well for as long as they had to fish.  Ruby, P&P and black thorax midges were their patterns.

Jim - 12/9/15

Jim – 12/9/15

Gina’s Wednesday Jim had a good day on the lightning bug and egg patterns.

What a beautiful day to be on the water.

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