Who’s Stressed Most…Fish? or Fishers?

Folks have been having a tough time catching in most of the upper wade area of Taneycomo.  And, if you just stand in the water and watch the fish, you can see they are having a tough time just breathing.  We know there is a significant problem at the hatchery right now with fish kills in their rearing runs.  In the past two days, several thousand fish have died as well as a large number of the brood stock.   Apparently the problem stems from high nitrogen and sulphur levels.  This is probably the reason for the offensive odor we have experienced over the past several weeks.  This just aggravates the already low dissolved oxygen levels and the higher than normal water temperatures present in the water.   The fix!  Not sure what it will be nor how long it will take.  We understand they are considering relocating some of the fish to other hatcheries.  We will try and keep you posted.

Nice weekend, but we are getting dumped on today.  Heavy rain this morning.  Supposed to clear for a while this afternoon with more coming in the evening.  Rain predicted again tomorrow.  Temperatures are supposed to take a dive toward and into the weekend with lows in the upper to mid 30s.  By the weekend, we will probably see 40s for the highs.

A couple hours of generation almost every morning.  No generation all day, but generation again in the early evening for a few hours.

Fishing is still tough and the fish are still now happy campers with the low oxygen levels and warm water temperatures.  We had a few trips on the water this past week, but have cancelled everything this week due to the conditions.  Stan on the water last Tuesday with Scot and his grandson, Carter.  This was Carter’s first time fly fishing and he did his grandfather proud.

Carter's first trout on fly rod - 11/10/15

Carter’s first trout on fly rod – 11/10/15

They were catching with a P&P dropped under a peach egg pattern.

Jim's fish - 11/11/15

Jim’s fish – 11/11/15

Gina had Wednesday Jim out last week.  They just fished for half a day due to some weather moving in for the afternoon.  They caught some fish on the ruby 2 dropped under a peach bead.  They even landed a shad.

Friday, Jim took Chris and Hugh out for an instructional/catch a few trip.  No best pattern.  Jim and Gregg, from Minnesota were on the river with Stan for the day.  Not a bad day, especially for the current conditions.  This was Gregg’s first time with a fly rod and he did well.  Best patterns were the peach egg with the P&P dropper or the holographic green crackleback.



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