Fishing Still Slow

Cold and rainy today.  Chances of rain through Monday.  At least the temperature will go back into the low 50s by Monday and then sunshine for Tuesday and the rain is out of the forecast through next weekend.

The equivalent of three units running up and down all week.  They have the flood gates open last weekend into Monday and shut them down mid-morning Monday.

Mike - 11/23/15

Mike – 11/23/15

With some oxygen going into the river Monday, Carolyn took Mike from Texas out for the day.   Fished good in the morning on the blue poison or lightning but dropped under the big ruby.  Also caught some on a red or cerise San Juan Worm.  About an hour after they shut down the flood gates, the catching followed shut down too.

Kathy and Ron from Louisiana went out with Carolyn on Tuesday and worked hard for the few fish they caught.

Hate to say it, but we need some cold weather here to cool down the water and help get the lake turned!

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