Fishing Continues To Be Tough!

Weather has been great!  Beautiful day yesterday with light winds, sunshine and temperature hit the low 60s.  Today we expect upper 60s and lots of sunshine.  Tomorrow, however, may be a different day.  According to the forecasts, we could see 40 mph winds, thunderstorms  with temperatures in the low upper 60s to 70s.  Nasty front coming in from the northwest.  By Thursday, it will be back to sunshine but temperatures more seasonal….in the 50s.

Past two days have seen a couple hours generation in the morning.  Off by 9:00 a.m.   Back on for a few hours in the late part of the day, around 5:00 or so.

Fishing continues to be very tough.  So far, no improvement in the oxygen level, but that is to be expected until Table Rock turns.  Come on cold weather. Jim took Dan, from Texas last Tuesday.  They even went out again on Wednesday.  As Jim stated, “fishing sucked but they had a great time”.   Gina on the water last Wednesday with “Wednesday Jim”  Of course it was a challenging day.  Gina cleared out her fly box and finally got some fish on the little ruby midge under an egg pattern.  Carolyn took Colleen ad Wayne from Hawaii out for a few hours Wednesday.  We had a great boat ride, a lovely shore lunch and came in.

Yesterday, Jim had Derek and Larry out for most of the day.  Don’t know how they did, but doubt that it was great.  Carolyn had Mike and Jan for half a day.  We hit three fish right out of the gate on a size 28 grey scud dropped from the big ruby.  Water had been on for a couple hours, so we had some “kick” water and probably a little oxygen in it.  After it settled down when turned off, so did the trout.  A few more on the holographic green crackleback and it was time to come off.




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