Yes, The Water Has Been Off!

Warmer than normal temperatures this past week…in the 80s.  Looks like today might be our last 80s day and then pretty good chances of rain tomorrow and probably Saturday morning.  More seasonal temperatures in the 60s through the weekend into next week.  60% chance for showers on Tuesday, then partly cloudy Wednesday and back to sunshine Thursday with temperatures till in the low 60s to upper 50s.

Big surprise on Monday when the projection schedule said 40 mwh all day which meant not quite a full generator for the day.  Around 11:00 a.m. the bottom fell out of the river as they had turned off the generators!  No generation on Tuesday until 2:00 and they turned on two units for four hours or so.  Yesterday, no units until 11:00 when them bumped it for less than an hour…then back off.  At 2:00 p.m. they cranked on a unit, then another.  Around 5:00 it ramped down until nothing was running again.  Today, the projection is no generation until 2:00 p.m.

Busy, busy, busy!  Not complaining….just behind!  Gina on the water last Wednesday with Bonnie

Bonnie - 10/14/15

Bonnie – 10/14/15

from Arkansas.  She has been trying to use her Christmas present!  Finally, and it was a good day for them.  Bonnie caught stripping and fishing a bug ugly with either a P&P or black copperhead midge dropper.

Ted - 10/16/15

Ted – 10/16/15

Darrell on the water last Friday with Ted and Wade from Oklahoma.  The guys had a good day on a red soft hackle and the ruby 2.   Stan and Carolyn were out with a group of fishers who were also from Oklahoma.  Stan took Terry and Carolyn had Seth and Kevin.  Good day for this group.  Stan had Terry catching on the P&P midge and a size 16 gray scud.  Seth and Kevin were catching on the big ruby with either a size 16 miracle scud dropper, a P&P or a red soft hackle.

Last Saturday, Jim took Jason (must

One of Jason's fish - 10/17/15

One of Jason’s fish – 10/17/15

have been Oklahoma week), from Oklahoma out for the day.  Good day for Jason pulling a bug eye tiger tail or nymhing the miracle scud.  Storm and Sammy from Arkansas fish half a day with Stan.  They did well on the ruby 2 and P&P midges.

Sunday was another day.  The equivalent of one unit running and fishing was tough.  Gina took Rudy from North Carolina out for the morning.  They caught fish on the ruby 2, had hits on the JQ and Tiger Tail and maybe hooked a few on those.  Stan had Ken, who is now a local, out for the day.  They worked hard and caught a few fish on the P&P, but decided it wasn’t worth it and came off after a half a day.

Susan 2 101815

Susan – 10/18/15

Steve and Susan were out with Carolyn.  The wind was also a factor that day, so we tucked in behind an island and did managed to bring in a few fish on the miracle scud under the big ruby.  I think Steve owed Susan dinner as she caught the most fish.

Monday was definitely a better day

Steve - 10/18/15

Steve – 10/18/15

on the water.  Stan had Don from Arkansas out for the afternoon.  He had a very good day on the P&P and Ruby 2 midges.  Jim was working his guys, Curtis and Leonard, mainly on streamers.  They caught a few on the white worm, but it was primarily the bug eye for them.  Jan and Mike, from Oklahoma, have been long-time fishers with Carolyn.  She had them out for the morning and it was a very good day for these two.  Mike was pulling a sculpin pattern and Jan was catching on the ruby 2 midge, red San Juan worm or miracle scud dropped under the Big Ruby.  Great weather and great day!



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