Please Take A Little More Time To Revive Your Fish!

Dissolved oxygen level coming into Taneycomo is very low right now.  This occurs every year, but it certainly seems to be having a more significant affect this year.  Seeing LOTS of dead fish on the bottom and floating down the river.  Rowing up from the boat ramp to just below the rebar hole, saw 2 to 3 dead fish about every 10 feet.  Even though you release a fish after you have play it for a few minutes to bring it in, and he swims off, he may go 30-40 feet and flip over on it’s back.  I have netted several fish over the past few days and kept them in the net facing upstream until I felt they were fine.  I noted that many of these were face up for a while and then started rolling over.  Worked the net to make certain they turned back over and kept them facing upstream in moving water.  Sometimes took several minutes, but I know the fish had a much better survival chance.  Let’s take care of this wonderful resource we have here in Taneycomo!

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