Just Like The Water….Up Days….Down Days!

Beautiful weather.  70s for the most part and lots of sun.  I think there is a threat of 60s for Friday through the weekend.  But, sunny to party sunny so that won’t be so bad.  Back into the low to mid 70s next week.

Water pretty stable all weekend.  Projection for today is more of the same.  Low water most of the day with a ramp up to the equivalent of a low three units at 3:00 p.m. for a couple hours.  Then, back to the equivalent of one unit for the rest of the evening.

Wanda - 10/9/15

Wanda – 10/9/15

Tough day, but a great day for Wanda last Friday.  Not very many fish to the boat, but if you look very closely, you will see she caught this nice rainbow on a size 18 parachute black dry!  Jim  had Paul and Ken from Nebraska out for half a day and they had a good day stripping the size 10 bug eye bugger.

Saturday, Carolyn took Wendy and Melody out for the day.  They just got back from Montana and still

Wendy - 10/10/15

Wendy – 10/10/15

hadn’t had their fill of fishing!  We had a good day on the big ruby with either a ruby 2 or size 16 gray scud dropper.  Also caught fish stripping a sculpin pattern and even caught a few on the big ugly dry!

Stan had Dennis and Eric out for half a day on Sunday.  Eric was new to fly fishing and had a wonderful day.  He caught fish on the black copperhead midge under the bug ruby.  Dennis wanted dry fly fishing only,  so he was fishing and catching on the big ugly.

Barb - 10/12/15

Barb’s 1st – 10/12/15

Barb from Illinois had catching a trout on a fly rod on her “bucket list”.  So, Sunday, she and Carolyn took off to fill this bucket list.  Barb’s first fish was on a lightning bug dropped below the big ruby.  She thinks she likes it!  Jim had Mike from Texas out for half a day working on streamers.  They had a good day on the bug eye bugger, the miracle scud and the ruby midge.


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