Catching Up and Down

Looks like partly cloudy days for just about the next week with temperatures in the los 80s tomorrow through Friday.  Weekend looks like low 70s.  Not seeing much in the way of rain.

The generation pattern continues to be low flow in the morning.  Generally, they have been using two units to run the equivalent of one unit.  However, a few of the days, they have cranked it up to the equivalent of a very low two units.  They are still ramping up to a full two units or more in the afternoon around 2:00-3:00 p.m. for a few hours then back down to the one unit level or so.

The Conclave was this weekend in Mountain Home, AR., so I’m a little behind again.  Anyway, it’s “ketchup” time.  Jim on the water last Wednesday with Steve from Kansas.  Steve wanted to bone up on his streamer techniques, so they spent the day pulling streamers on various sinking lines.  Caught some fish on the bug eye tiger tail.

Jim - 9/30/15

Jim – 9/30/15

Gina had Wednesday Jim out for the day and they started with streamers, but really had the most fun in the afternoon when they threw a dry with the black copperhead midge dropper.   Chris from Texas spent the morning on the river with Darrell.  Tough day, but Chris did catch a few fish on the ruby 2 dropped below the big ruby.   Stan had Frank and his son, Doug out for half a day.  Not a bad day, but certainly not a great day on a big ruby with the ruby 2 dropper for them.  They fished again on Thursday using the same rig.

Friday, Jim had Jim and Harriett from Kansas out for half a day.  New fishers, so they worked on casting and line management.  Caught a few fish on the green midge, and

Buck -0100215

Buck – 10/2/15

miracle scud.  Buck from Mississippi decided he wanted to try his hand at fly fishing so Darrell took him out for half a day.  He caught on a big P&P with a ruby 2 dropper.

Geoff 100315

Geoff – 10/3/15

Saturday, Carolyn took Geoff and Tony out for half a day.  We managed to pull off a decent day on the big ruby with the ruby 2 dropper and a few stripping the tiger tail.

Tony wanted to share his cigar with one of the

Tony - 10/3/15

Tony – 10/3/15

fish he caught.  Needless to say, it was a fun day on the water!




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