Yuckie Water!

Today and tomorrow are going to be warm….90s.  Saturday looks like a good cool down, into the upper 70s and Sunday even cooler with low 70s and possibly some showers.  Next week starts out in the upper 70s with partly cloudy, then back into the low 80s and lots of sunshine.

Yuckie water Tuesday.  Had the same low flow we have been experiencing; somewhere in the not quite the equivalent of a full one unit although they were using 2-3 generators to do this.  At 1:00 or 2:00 p.m., they turned on three units and the river junked up like you could not believe.  Pretty much the same scenario again yesterday.

Tuesday, Jim took a couple new ladies to fly fishing, Regina and Marta out for a half day.  They wanted to learn how to cast and catch some fish.  Slow day for everyone.  They caught a few fish on the ruby midge, a brown San Juan worm and the bug eye bugger.  Stan had Dennis and Jeff from Indiana out for the day.  They too caught a few fish, mainly on the red size 16 d-ribbed midge under the big ruby.  Carolyn had Eve

Eve - 9/15/15

Eve – 9/15/15

out for her second day of a two-day fly fishing school.  Good thing she needed to work on her casting skills as catching was not a real good option. Glad to say, however, she did catch her first fish on a fly rod.   This mess caught everyone totally by surprise.

Wednesday was a little bit better catching day than Tuesday.  Still had the algae and other slimy grass, etc. floating when the generators were cranked up.  Darrell had Mel and Larry out for half a day.  Late start, so they probably hit the bad water sooner in their trip than the rest of us.  Best pattern for them was the size 16 red d-ribbed midge.  Carolyn’s regulars from California, Tom and Marge had a fun day.  Not a ton of fish, but definitely active when hooked!  Best patterns were either the lightning bug or red d-ribbed midge under the big ruby.  Wednesday Jim was out with Gina

Jim - 9/16/15

Jim – 9/16/15

most of the day.  Caught some early stripping a size 12 olive bugger.  Later it was the lightning bug or L’il ruby midge and one on the big pink worm in the dirty water.

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