Great weather.  Cloudy today with the high in the low 80s.  Same. at least through Thursday.  Wednesday there is a chance of drizzle in the afternoon and evening.  By Friday, it looks like upper 70s and a chance of rain starting Saturday evening.

Generation this week has been not quite a full one unit every day although they have used two to three generators to do this.  Very confusing.  Over the weekend, and the projection is that it will continue Monday, they have only run the equivalent of not quite a full one unit.  Great flow and one can definitely wade.

Fishing has been good to very good this past week and into the weekend.  Stan and Carolyn had three of our regulars out both Tuesday and Thursday….Sam, Eric and John.  They wanted to do a full

John - 9/22/15

John – 9/22/15

day, but because the water junked up quite a bit when they fired up the extra two to three units for a few hours in the afternoon, we highly recommended a healthy half day.  Worked out great.  We caught fish both days on the ruby 2 or lightning

Eric - 9/24/15

Eric – 9/24/15

bug dropped from the big ruby, or stripping the tiger tail under a 2.6 ips sinking leader.


Gina had a couple of her regulars out Wednesday and Thursday.  Very

Dale - 9/24/15

Dale – 9/24/15

good day for these guys stripping the JQ streamer or drifting the lightning bug or ruby 2 on Wednesday.  Wednesday they were looking for the big boys.  Stuck with articulated sculpin on sink tip all morning.  Later they had fun on dry fly with

Glenn - 9/24/15

Glenn – 9/24/15

dropper. then drifted out with the egg and a midge dropper.  The catch of the day was one of Dale’s browns.  It was about 16 inches with a five

Partial digested sculpin

Partial digested sculpin

inch sculpin partially in his mouth.  He tried to claim a 21 inch fish!  (16 inches plus 5 inches!!)  Got it?!  Fun day on the water.

Darrell and Jim out Wednesday with a group of guys, Andy, Mike Gary and Banker.  Good day for these guys on the hot hare’s ear, but eye streamer, ruby and P&P midges.

Mike - 9/25/15

Mike – 9/25/15

Friday, Darrell took Mike from Arkansas out for the day.  Beautiful rainbow!  Best pattern was the ruby 2 under the big ruby.  Stan had Bill and Chris from California out for half a day.  These two have fished all over the world and had a good time fishing Taneycomo!  Good day, mainly on a hopper pattern with a ruby 2 dropper.

Tom and Clay spent Saturday on the water with Jim learning a little more about fly fishing and pulling streamers.  It was a tiger tail and JQ streamer day for them.





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