Low Water….Not Off, But Wadeable!

Hot today with temperatures in the low 90s.  Same through Monday.  Looks like the showers are out of the forecast for Monday but some chances for showers on Tuesday and Wednesday when we start cooling off again.  By next weekend, we might see mid 70s.

Lowest we have seen the water in weeks….no months!  They are running two units at the equivalent of not quite a full one unit.  Current Taneycomo levels are somewhere in the 704.5 to 704.9 feet levels which can be waded in some areas.  Table Rock is now at 917.4 feet so it is just about power pool.  However, we still have the water in Beaver to deal with.  So the saga continues.  I do think we are getting closer to better chances for wading, especially on the weekends.

Thursday was a good day on the water.  Jim took one of his regulars, Dale, out for the day.  Good day for Dale on the ruby, worm brown San Juan worm and the hot hare’s ear nymph.  Water was a little dirty that day but the fish didn’t seem to mind.  Rick, from Pennsylvania, decided he wanted to get back into

Rick - 9/3/15

Rick – 9/3/15

fly fishing (had not fish for 30 years) so he booked a trip and we sent him out with Stan.  Think Rick is back into fly fishing.  Several nice fish including a 19 inch rainbow that he caught on a worm brown San Juan worm,  Fat fish!

Friday was a whole new day.  Water levels were all over the place.  Low early, then way up, then big drop for a short period of time, then back up!  Jim had Tom out for the day and worked him hard catching fish.  Best patterns were the ruby, worm brown San Juan worm and Tiger Tail.  A family which had collected in Branson from all over, took a half day

Sistie - 9/4/15

Sistie – 9/4/15

trip with Stan and Carolyn.  Stan had the guys, Tom and Chad and Carolyn had the ladies, Sistie and her daughter Kameran.  Don’t know about the guys’s boat, but our boat lived up to it’s other name “Cacklecraft”.  Not a great day, but certainly a fun day.  We caught fish on the ruby 2 midge, black copperhead midge and a pink micro San Juan worm.







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