Great Sight…Fishers Standing in the River!

Boy, did it pour yesterday around noon!  Slacked off for a while then dumped again around 4:00 p.m.  We had quite a bit of rain this morning but once this moves through it looks like several days of dry weather and great temperatures.  80s today and tomorrow with the weekend into next week looking like 70s.  By the way, we are seeing hints of color in the trees.  With all the moisture we have had this year, it should be a pretty Fall.

We have seen not quite a full one unit of water flow most of each day this past holiday weekend.  However, when you call to get the generation output, you will hear they are running two units.  If you listen to the rest of the information, you will hear that Taneycomo is somewhere in the 704.5 range +/- and the cfs is 3400 or less.  Each day, they have bumped the level up to 705 or 707, so be conscious of how high the after is when you are wading.  They have been holding pretty true to the projection schedule.

Saturday, Stan had Tom from the Kansas City area out for half a day.  Slow start, but once the fishing warmed up, Tom did well, mainly on the ruby 2 under the big ruby.  Nice drift as the water flow was hovering around 3300 cfs.  Jim look Scott & “Rizzo” from St. Joseph area out both Saturday and Sunday.  They came off early Saturday as it was just to hot to spend the whole day and they had already had a good day on the tiger tail, ruby midge and brown San Juan worm.  Sunday was also good on the same patterns and a little cooler so they made it most of the day.  Darrell took Warren from Texas out Sunday.  Warren had a good day on the

Warren's rainbow - 9/6/15

Warren’s rainbow – 9/6/15

ruby 2, an egg pattern, and the worm brown San Juan worm.  He caught several beautiful fish like this one.

Monday, Carolyn took Finny from Texas and Dave, a local fisher, out for half a day.  Fishing was spotty, but we worked our way into a pretty good day on the big ruby with a #16 red d-ribbed midge.  Hooked some on the holographic green crackleback, but best fish of the day was on the big ugly.  Stan had Charlie, who grew up in Argentina, out for half a day. Some really good fishing in his part of the world.  He did have a good, fun day and caught fish on the red d-ribbed midge under the big ruby.  Best pattern and most fun for him, however, was the copper “L’il Easy”.



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