Tough Wednesday!

Why can’t we have gorgeous weather and great fishing at the same time?  We are still getting up to upper 50s or low 60s mornings and the high yesterday was in the low 80s.  right now (10:00 a.m), the sun is shinning, it is 67 degrees and a very light wind blowing.  High today will be low 80s.  Sounds like a repeat for tomorrow.  Sunday is showing chances for morning showers and upper 70s for the high.  Monday is another upper 70s to low 80s with plenty of sun.

With the Wednesday rains, we picked up a little in Table Rock Lake so we saw very little gain….none really….on the water dropping.  However, we are on track again and I think we will see the level in the 920 range today.

Wednesday was a rain day.  Started late Tuesday night and kept going well into Wednesday morning. Wednesday Jim and Gina were scheduled to hit the water at 8:00 a.m, but put it off until the rain let up a little.  They did have a lovely day, weather wise, Wednesday.  Light rain for a while in the a.m., then it shut down an there was little, if any wind.  It was overcast all day, so temperatures were very comfortable.  However, the fish didn’t think it was a great day!  Tough day for them, but they hung with it and managed to pull a few fish out on this perfect weather day.  Gina said it was “lots of cussing and discussing”.  Best technique this day was stripping.  Stripped everything!  Oh well….there are more Wednesdays!




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